Your Name Here

suggested: $110.00

Have your name included on a brass plate bolted to a post in front of the gallery.

The text surrounding your name will be selected at random from the universe and then arranged by the studio artists.

We are all not sure what to expect.  But each one will be unique.

Here are some examples:

This placard is in honor of
Roy Whitman
who once bested a herd of rabid wildebeests
with a simple daydream of pipe organs.

This placard is in honor of
Roger Hildegard
Who inspired sidewalk elves to forge the world’s
only 88 pointed star, by a simple quip, said in passing,
over morning juice, on a walk to get the mail.

This placard is in honor of
Velte Housecause
Who, waking one day, wrote the world’s finest poem
with his finger on the surface of the bedside table.

This placard is in honor of
Sally Tindeton
who certainly makes dark wizards cower


minimum: $80.00